Tuesday, 19 February 2013

allo allo everybody

1935-1938: Konrad Zuse builds Z1, world's first program-controlled computer. Despite certain mechanical engineering problems it had all the basic ingredients of modern machines, using the binary system and today's standard separation of storage and control. Zuse's 1936 patent application (Z23139/GMD Nr. 005/021) also suggests a von Neumann architecture (re-invented in 1945) with program and data modifiable in storage.1941: Zuse completes Z3, world's first fully functional programmable computer.1945: Zuse describes Plankalkuel, world's first higher-level programming language, containing many standard features of today's programming languages. FORTRAN came almost a decade later. Zuse also used Plankalkuel to design world's first chess program.

1946: Zuse founds world's first computer startup company: the Zuse-Ingenieurb├╝ro Hopferau. Venture capital raised through ETH Z├╝rich and an IBM option on Zuse's patents.